ZUMDIECK - Over 40 years of experience in the production, import and sale of foods

Company History

  • 1967: Company founded by Heinrich Zumdieck and his sons Wolfgang and Michael as an importer in Paderborn
  • 1977: Company moves to its current location with its own offices and preserve warehouse in the east of Paderborn
  • 1985: Expansion of storage capacity by approx. 4,500 pallets of preserves through the addition of a new high-rack warehouse
  • 1986: Heinrich Zumdieck dies and Michael Zumdieck withdraws from operational business, the business is continued by Wolfgang Zumdieck; Ferdinand Goeken joins the company as a partner and executive director
  • 1990: Beginning of trading in frozen products in addition to the existing preserves range
  • 1991: Expansion of warehouse space by approx. 1,000 m² block storage
  • 1992: First entry into production through participation in a freezer plant in Eastern Hungary
  • 1993: Expansion of storage capacity in Paderborn to a total of ~ 12,500 pallets of preserves and ~ 2,500 pallets in a high-rack frozen produce storage facility
  • 1997: New storey added to the administration building in Paderborn
  • 2002: The entry of Marcus Zumdieck into operational business and as a partner means that succession within the family is assured; Karl-Heinz Miersch is appointed an executive director and also becomes a partner in 2003
  • 2003: Strengthening of the frozen sector for storage (4,500 pallets), sorting, packaging and production of mixtures at Venlo in the Netherlands
  • 2004: Start of our own production in China as a majority shareholder in a freezer plant in Shandong and foundation of the preserve plant Turkey as a majority shareholding; start of production after a construction phase of just 6 months in the summer of 2005
  • 2005: Founding of Zumdieck Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong as a 100% subsidiary for bundling purchasing and quality control activities in China, which is becoming increasingly important as a purchasing market
  • 2006: Withdrawal of Ferdinand Goeken as an executive director; succeeded in the operative Foodservice/Retail Sales Division by Karl-Heinz Miersch
  • 2007: The change in the company name to Zumdieck GmbH and the launch of the motto “Global Food Solutions” takes account of the modified business model as a customer-oriented food producer and service provider
  • 2009: The proportionate share in turnover of frozen products exceeds preserves for the first time
  • 2012: Marcus Zumdieck - so far authorized signatory and responsible for international purchasing as well as for operational coordination with the subsidiaries - is appointed executive director